Join the 1st community of professionals where networking is fun and easy!​

Want to network with senior executives or junior employees without the embarrassment of approaching them the wrong way?

We built a free platform where networking is fun and easy.

And it’s anonymous! So no more bias and prejudice when you approach people.

All you see is their title, company, years of experience, and country.

All we ask in return is to bring the right mindset. The more you give and help, the more you get in return.


Identifying rapidly an insider willing to help with a referral or a phone call to land job interviews.


A professional community of people who need help but who are also willing to help others with their job search.


You access the database of people belonging to the community.

Note that to keep it anonymous, we do not publish the names.

You are eligible to send one free request a day to anyone on the platform, for either a phone call or a referral

When you receive a request, you will be able to:
— Accept to refer the person for a job at your company
— Accept to speak with the person
— Reject the request

You are rewarded with free credits when you help others