Thu-Huong Ha

What it takes to be a great leader: A recommended reading list

Our image of a great leader is outdated, says Roselinde Torres of management consultancy BCG. That all-knowing superhero who both lords over and protects his followers is neither realistic…

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Jeff Haden

Want to be happier? Science says buying little time

Buying things won’t make you happier. But research shows that buying time can, as long as you do it the right way…

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David Lancefield

Practicing strategy in an uncertain world

A modern strategy that works will require leaders to learn new skills and apply new tools. Here’s a primer for a refreshed approach…

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Thomas Robertson

Want to Make Retail Customers Happy?

Retailers must create “wow” shopping experiences if they want to satisfy customers and keep them coming back, according to a recent study from Wharton’s Baker Retailing Center…

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David Autor

Will automation take away all our jobs?

Probably not. But if we want a future where more of those jobs are decent and well-paying, we — and our institutions — need to rise to its challenge, says…

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Michael Useem

This Checklist Can Make You a Better Leader

Wharton’s Michael Useem talks with Brett LoGiurato from Wharton School Press about the 10th anniversary edition of his book…

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Krishna Athal

The Confusion Between Coaching and Mentoring

While some theorists believe that the two roles intersect, or it is unrealistic to detach and disconnect one from the other, other academicians are…

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Elizabeth Doty

Why the first five minutes of a meeting shape its outcome

Meetings that just happen by default waste precious time, invite poor decisions, add to exhaustion, and fray relationships. Given these risks…

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Tim Leberecht

The lost art of losing

We’re all scrambling for practical solutions for the uncertain future of work. But there’s a mental shift…

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Nilofer Merchant

A reading list for lifelong learners

Ready to level up your working knowledge of business? Here’s what to read now — and next…

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Thu-Huong Ha

7 must-read books on work and productivity

As career analyst Dan Pink has learned, traditional motivators like money can be far less effective than intrinsic motivators like autonomy, mastery and purpose. Indeed, productivity itself is a mystery we still struggle to unravel. Below, find seven must-reads…

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Paula Davis

High-performing and Resilient Teams: Preventing Burnout

Much has been said (and written) about the importance of individual resilience as critical to success. But although the bulk of organizational work is done by teams, there is little acknowledgment…

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Helen Mallovy Hicks

A CEO guide to today’s value creation ecosystem

Disruption and the breadth of the value creation ecosystem are, in fact, connected. Those looking to create enterprise value — a term we’ve chosen intentionally over shareholder value — must…

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Jessica Gross

5 ways to stay active during your workday when it’s too dark and cold for walking meetings

TED Speaker Nilofer Merchant urges you to trade sit-down one-on-one meetings for walking meetings. But in the darker months, sedentary workers face a challenge…

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Naveen Dittakavi

Planning Your Next Vacation Might Be The Productivity Hack No One Talks About

In a study conducted in 2019 by OnePoll and originally covered by Forbes, Americans shared that they don’t travel often – but they would really like to. Some of the statistics were grim: 11% of the 2,000 respondents said…

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Strategy Business Blog

The readback: Books we liked in 2021

Throughout the year, our reviewers delved into the latest business books to unearth essential ideas, observations, and lessons from business history, current events, and state-of-the-art research. Here are half a dozen reads we found particularly thought-provoking in 2021.

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Kevin J. Delaney

The Best Advice From 2021 for Managing Yourself and Your Team

We’ve compiled the best of that advice from this past year, and present it here as a cheat sheet as we head into 2022. Many of the tips we’ve highlighted relate to finding our way in this new world of remote and hybrid work..

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Simon Kuper

How the best soccer team in the world lost its luster

FC Barcelona produced the greatest homegrown talent of any club but failed to keep the production line rolling. Business leaders can heed its warnings…

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Priya Parker

How to hold work meetings and events that connect people — even online

Many of our real-world, in-person gatherings aren’t actually that useful or warm or connective or transformational. Turning them virtual may not be as bad as you’d think. Given the low bar…

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John Coleman

Why Businesspeople Should Join Book Clubs

Reading is often viewed as a solitary activity. Book clubs are a uniquely effective way to enhance the benefits…

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