Thu-Huong Ha

What it takes to be a great leader: A recommended reading list

Our image of a great leader is outdated, says Roselinde Torres of management consultancy BCG. That all-knowing superhero who both lords over and protects his followers is neither realistic…

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Jeff Haden

Want to be happier? Science says buying little time

Buying things won’t make you happier. But research shows that buying time can, as long as you do it the right way…

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Tim Leberecht

The lost art of losing

We’re all scrambling for practical solutions for the uncertain future of work. But there’s a mental shift…

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Nilofer Merchant

A reading list for lifelong learners

Ready to level up your working knowledge of business? Here’s what to read now — and next…

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Thu-Huong Ha

7 must-read books on work and productivity

As career analyst Dan Pink has learned, traditional motivators like money can be far less effective than intrinsic motivators like autonomy, mastery and purpose. Indeed, productivity itself is a mystery we still struggle to unravel. Below, find seven must-reads…

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Naveen Dittakavi

Planning Your Next Vacation Might Be The Productivity Hack No One Talks About

In a study conducted in 2019 by OnePoll and originally covered by Forbes, Americans shared that they don’t travel often – but they would really like to. Some of the statistics were grim: 11% of the 2,000 respondents said…

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Strategy Business Blog

The readback: Books we liked in 2021

Throughout the year, our reviewers delved into the latest business books to unearth essential ideas, observations, and lessons from business history, current events, and state-of-the-art research. Here are half a dozen reads we found particularly thought-provoking in 2021.

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Kevin J. Delaney

The Best Advice From 2021 for Managing Yourself and Your Team

We’ve compiled the best of that advice from this past year, and present it here as a cheat sheet as we head into 2022. Many of the tips we’ve highlighted relate to finding our way in this new world of remote and hybrid work..

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John Coleman

Why Businesspeople Should Join Book Clubs

Reading is often viewed as a solitary activity. Book clubs are a uniquely effective way to enhance the benefits…

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Natalie Robehmed

CEO Book Club: The Books That Inspire America’s Leaders

We asked the CEOs of the top businesses on our list of America’s Best Small Companies to share what’s on their nightstands. Their answers may surprise you.

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CEO Today Magazine

The CEO’s Holiday Reading List

The end of the year provides the perfect time for reflection and planning. For many busy CEOs, it is also an opportunity to spend some invaluable downtime with loved ones, enjoy..

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Daniel Akst

Making work an adventure—and living to regret it

Millions of us spend the bulk of our waking lives in this mysteriously demanding environment. If you are such a person, take a day off and read The Adventurist. I cannot…

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Valentina Bojanini

4 easy ways to upgrade your workday

We all get stuck in a work rut sometimes, whether we’re having trouble focusing, struggling to maintain work-life boundaries, or trying to…

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Marsha Hunt

Top 10 Online Book Clubs

Joining a book club and reading frequently can have a huge impact on your success. Online book clubs help you cope with the stress of day-to-day life and can polish certain skills that you will need…

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Ellie Burke

14 Book Club Ideas

Successful professionals find ways to keep themselves on the cutting edge in their respective fields. They participate in timely discussions…

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Seth Godin

Here’s why you need to have more bad ideas

All the good ideas must be taken by now.
Back when Dr. Seuss was writing, there were only tens of thousands of books for kids. Now, there are…

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Jennifer Liu

The book of poetry this workplace happiness expert thinks everyone should read

When Jenn Lim pitched her new book “Beyond Happiness” in early 2020, she thought she’d discuss her decade of work as CEO of Delivering Happiness, the business…

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Alanah Mitchell

Hybrid work is inevitable for 2022. Here’s what the experts say is most effective

Even before the pandemic, the U.S. workforce increasingly relied on remote collaboration technologies like videoconferencing and Slack. The global crisis accelerated…

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Tom Popomaronis

Every book Warren Buffett has recommended this decade—in his annual letters

If you want to be smarter and more successful, it’d be in your best interest to take some advice from Warren Buffett.
“Read 500 pages like this every day…

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Jayne Hardy

How to set clear work boundaries — and stick to them

Work isn’t who we are, not even if we love our jobs — there’s more to us than that.
Work boundaries help safeguard…

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