Courtney Connley

31-year-old Google executive says reading this one book has had a huge influence on her career

As head of product inclusion at Google, Annie Jean-Baptiste works to ensure that the products and services Google offers…

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Robert Reffkin

3 principles to building — and keeping — a great relationship with a mentor

I’ve had more mentors than anyone I know. Without a father in my life, I grew up hungry for advice….

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Cheryl Strauss Einhorn

11 Myths About Decision-Making

From “I like to be efficient” to “I trust my gut” to “I can make a rational decision,” there are a number of deeply ingrained — and counterproductive…..

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Cory Stieg

Apple CEO Tim Cook: What to read

Apple CEO Tim Cook has some advice amid the Covid-19 pandemic: “Those who meet times of historical challenge……

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Nick Gilmour

Stop Focusing on Work-Life Balance If You Want to Be Successful

Most of us have heard that maintaining a work-life balance comes with a myriad of health and productivity-related benefits: stress reduction, burnout prevention, and more……

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Ruth Soukup

Stop Listening to Voice Inside Your Head That Says ‘You Can’t

At some point in your life, when you’ve thought about doing something a little bit bold, a little bit different or a little bit outside of your comfort zone, you’ve probably heard a voice in the back of your head that’s whispered: “What makes you think that you can do this?”

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Hayagreeva Rao

McKinsey Insights | Accountability = account × ability

A brief essay on a misused word.
Clearly, accountability relates to measurement and answerability based on the state of affairs of an individual. This does not mean, however, that accountability is limited to the state of affairs that can be measured by key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Theodore Kinni

Leading under pressure

To control the anxiety produced by moments of intense pressure, first step back and analyze the stakes

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Marcel Schwantes

A 50-year-old CEO shares books he wishes he read in his 30s

11 books — about leadership, success and professional growth from a CEO and leadership coach, that has significantly changed the way he thinks, acts, leads and perceives the world around him

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Par Chadha

How To Build Business Relationships That Last

It can be difficult for busy executives to find the time to invest in business relationships with so many competing priorities. We learn how to build that business relationship

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Michael E. Porter & Nitin Nohria

How CEOs Manage Time

In 2006, Harvard Business School’s Michael E. Porter and Nitin Nohria launched a study tracking how large companies’ CEOs spent their time, 24/7, for 13 weeks: where they were, with whom, what they did, and what they were focusing on.

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Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland’s Career Advice

In this 10-minute video, Rory Sutherland addresses a wide range of career advice questions and explains why he believes one of the best things you can do for your career is to pursue a certain degree of randomness.

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Jay Ko in LinkedIn

The most crucial step in consumption process

I recently learned about why note taking is the most crucial step in the (information) consumption process of learning through Alex Lieberman’s podcast episode: Learning How to Learn

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Cassandra Frangos

Get Creative To Reach The C-Suite

Management literature is packed with advice on becoming the boss. Yet, career paths narrow significantly as you ascend closer to the top executive spots

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Ben Horowitz

Which Way Do You Run?

When you’re leading a company, it tends to get wired into your nervous system. I used to become physically ill whenever there was something wrong in the company — even if I didn’t know what it was. Even if I couldn’t see it, I could feel it. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Most good founders/CEOs that I know have this same, gnarly experience. Unfortunately, feeling it turns out to be the easy part of the job.
The hard part is what do you do when you feel that dread? Do you run towards your fear or do you run away from it?

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BCG Blog

Bringing Learning to the C-Suite

Companies face a Herculean challenge in today’s fast-evolving work environment. Such is the pace of change that businesses are disappearing more quickly than ever before. If they are to survive, never mind thrive, company leaders must learn to adapt. And here, the operative word is learn.

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Josh Spector in For The Interested Newsletter

Stop Listening To People

Everybody’s got something to say about what you do.
People you know, people you love, people you hate. Even people you’ve never met in posts like this one.
They tell you what to do, what to think, what you do right or wrong. How to be better, live your life, and further your career.
But none of the people who tell you what to do know what’s best for you and you should stop listening to them.

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Josh Spector in Medium

Only Do It If You’re Willing To Do It 100 Times

The most successful things I’ve done have one thing in common: I’ve done them at least 100 times.
I came to this realization while publishing the 118th edition of my For The Interested newsletter and it led me to consider a simple question:
What if we only worked on projects we’re willing to commit to doing 100 times?

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Shane Parrish in fsblog

Mental Models for Career Changes

Career changes are some of the biggest moves we will ever make, but they don’t have to be daunting. Using mental models to make decisions we determine where we want to go and how to get there. The result is a change that aligns with the person we are, as well as the person we want to be.

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